Legal resources

A list of  legal and scholarship resources is available at our office. Remember one of our purposes is to be a safe place, where you can feel comfortable to share thoughts and questions, or just to talk for a while. We are at 13 Mellen.

Student Leadership Development Opportunities

In supporting the development of our students, our office will help identify leadership development opportunities that will allow them a chance to enhance their own knowledge and grow as student leaders. These opportunities include on-campus, local, regional conferences, in addition to workshops and trainings offered at Lesley University.

Identity-based support

We understand that our students of marginalized identities often face various forms of barriers on an interpersonal and institutional level as a result of their actual or perceived identities related to race, gender, ethnicity or country of origin, among others. In response, we also want to make sure that we connect students to on-campus supports, legal resources and community organizations, as needed.

Physical Space

We count with a quiet room available for students to work, and provided with computers and printers. Also,  a living room is ready for conversations, meetings and our Desayuno, a community breakfast that we celebrate every month.

Cultural and social justice literature

We have available for students a variety of resources to help further their knowledge, understanding and competency with respect to cultural diversity and social justice. In addition to books and articles, we will also connect students to digital journals and e-books available online and through Lesley University’s Sherrill Library.