Have you reflected on your privileges?

Members of the Multicultural Student Advisory Council encourage the Lesley community to reflect on identity, diversity, race, inclusion, and gender when considering the below questions. Would you add more questions to the debate? Write them down on the comments section or send them to us at masi@lesley.edu.

As someone without disabilities, have you thought about your privilege?

How would you feel if you were graded on class participation, but English was not your first language?

Can you imagine if you had to hide the person you love? 

Would you dare to leave your comfort zone and move to another country to achieve your goals?

What would you do if you do not identify with your body?

How would you feel if you were valued based on your physical attributes?

How would you find a sense of community if you were a learner 15 years older than your classmates?

Have you ever assumed that someone is a criminal based on his/her nationality?

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