Students shining light on inclusion issues

The members of the Multicultural Student Advisory Council (MSAC) participated in the development of the Diversity & Inclusion Climate Survey, created by the Inclusion Plan Steering Committee in order to collect students’ experience on campus. The survey, which was closed on April 7th, gathered information about inclusion and marginalization, and the engagement with diversity and inclusion related activities at the university. The information captured will serve to inform future policy, practices and programming on campus.

The MSAC wanted to join efforts to make Lesley a more inclusive institution, in line with its main purpose. The council helped to refine the wording of questions and language used in the survey. The students also provided feedback on the length, its format and the presentation of the questions. They opined on how they were impacted by the survey. Among others, the council gave comments on the areas of inquiry within the survey and rationale, in addition to any areas that could be included.

The student organization advocates for inclusion and equity, and provides feedback on Lesley University’s continuing inclusion plan. The group constitutes a platform to share thoughts and engage in leadership and developmental activities that seek to create awareness and address matters related to inclusion.

The team in charge of the survey are working on the analysis of the data. We will follow up with the community after the study of the results.

Please, contact Amarildo “Lilu” Barbosa if you are interested in the Multicultural Student Advisory Council (MSAC).

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