“I will feel liberated when I can proudly claim my sexuality”

Liberation is the belief that we can succeed, a sense of confidence in ourselves and in our collective efforts. Liberation is the knowledge that we are not alone. Raising Voices will share stories of personal liberation written by students, faculty and staff. These testimonies about introspection, challenge and empowerment pretend to foster awareness and understanding about each other on campus. An undergraduate is the author of the first piece.


What has been your personal liberation so far in your life?

I do not feel as though I have been liberated in life at this point, but I have recently come to terms with my sexuality and I am comfortable calling myself a bisexual woman (in private). I do not know if or when I will tell my family, as I am in a relationship with a man currently and it seems like more of a personal matter to me. I think of it like this: if, at some point in the future, I find myself interested in dating a woman and would like my family to meet her, I will tell them. Otherwise, I do not have a desire to tell them, and feel as though it would only be uncomfortable for me. That being said, I will feel liberated when I can go into a room full of strangers or friends, and proudly claim my sexuality. I don’t think this will be too far into the future because Lesley is so incredibly accepting and open about such matters. It is just a matter of time for me!

What kind of liberation do you think American society needs?

American society needs to be liberated from many, many things. As country, we’ve come so far… but we still have so much more progress to make. We cannot all be seen as equals before the country is rid of hate, meaning that we need liberation from racism, sexism, ableism, religionism, immigration status, and so much more. We need to check our privileges every day. Even when we think being the way we are won’t effect how we are treated, it does. It always does, for better or for worse. Until we can recognize that fact, as a country, we will not be liberated from the hate, and there is just so, so much of it.

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